Player city is a type of city established and maintained by players. The mayor administers a player city through the city control panel in the archive room of the City Hall.

Establishing a player cityEdit

The steps to establishing a player city are:

  • Place a deed for a City Hall on a planet that has not reached:
    • 20 cities on Corellia, Naboo, or Tatooine
    • 50 cities on Dantooine, Lok, Rori, or Talus
    • 2 cities on Endor
  • The character with which you place the City Hall deed will automatically declare its residence as the City Hall. Four additional characters must place a house within 150 meters of City Hall and declare residence within 24 hours.

Player city rankEdit

Player city rank is determined by citizenship and enables the following civic structures:

Rank Title Citizens Radius Enabled civic structures
1 Outpost 5 declared 150 m Small gardens
2 Village 10 declared 200 m Medium gardens, Bank, Garage, Cantina
3 Township 15 declared 300 m Large gardens, Cloning facility, Hospital
4 City 20 declared 400 m Shuttleport, Theater
5 Metropolis 25 declared 450 m


Player cities update once a week; the exact time for the city update can be determined from the City Maintenance Terminal located in City Hall. Prior to taxation and city maintenance, the city rank and citizenship is validated. If the city has enough citizens to advance, the city is promoted. If the city does not have enough citizens to maintain their current rank, they are demoted. The Mayor is notified of any changes in city rank.

Player city rank caps
Planets Total cities
Rank 3
or higher
Rank 4
or higher
Rank 5
Corellia, Naboo, Tatooine 20 15 10 10
Dantooine, Lok, Rori, Talus 50 30 20 20
Endor 2 2 2 1


A specialization gives the city a bonus in some area for an increased cost in city maintenance. Different city specializations are available provided the city is of sufficient rank (minimum of Rank 3). A city can have only one specialization at a time and may only be changed once a week (to take effect with the next city update). Once a specialization is put into effect, it remains until the Mayor changes or removes it.

Specialization Benefit Maintenance
Cloning Lab The cost of clone insurance is reduced by 20%. 80,000 cr
Entertainment District Increased entertainer buff duration and tick 80,000 cr
Improved Job Market 20% bonus payout for missions accepted from terminals. 80,000 cr
Manufacturing Center 10% bonus to crafting assembly phase 50,000 cr
Medical Center 10% medical buffs and healing in the Medical Center 80,000 cr
Research Center 15% bonus to crafting experimentation phase 125,000 cr
Stronghold Militia members get a +50 bonus to all defense rolls against other players. 150,000 cr
Sample Rich 20% resources gathered while sampling and a 10% chance of finding resources. 70,000 cr


Decorations can be placed in a city of any rank by the mayor. Placement and maintenance fees are paid from the city treasury.

Decoration Schematics Placement Maintenance
  • Fountain (Schematic)
1000 cr 1500 cr
  • Gungan Head Statue (Schematic)
1000 cr 1500 cr
Streetlamps 1000 cr 1500 cr
Terminals 1000 cr 1500 cr

Civic structuresEdit

Civic structures can be placed in a city that meet the required city rank by the mayor. Maintenance fees are paid from the city treasury.

Civic structure Schematics City rank Maintenance
  • Corellia Bank
  • Naboo Bank
  • Tatooine Bank
2, Village 1500 cr
City Halls
  • Corellia City Hall
  • Naboo City Hall
  • Tatooine City Hall

1, Outpost
2, Village
3, Township
4, City
5, Metropolis

17,500 cr
30,000 cr
42,500 cr
55,000 cr
67,500 cr

Cloning facilities
  • Corellia Cloning Facility
  • Naboo Cloning Facility
  • Tatooine Cloning Facility
3, Township 10,000 cr
  • Corellia Garage
  • Naboo Garage
  • Tatooine Garage
2, Village 5,000 cr
Small Gardens
  • Small Garden
  • Dantooine Totem
  • Dathomir Brazier
  • Endor Small Arrangement
1, Outpost 10,000 cr
Medium gardens
  • Medium Garden
  • Dantooine Spirit Stone
  • Dathomir Gnarled Tree
  • Endor Meditative Area
2, Village 10,000 cr
Large Gardens
  • Large Garden
  • Dantooine Meditation Area (Garden)
  • Dathomir Obelisk (Garden)
  • Endor Huts
3, Township 15,000 cr
  • Corellia Shuttleport
  • Naboo Shuttleport
  • Tatooine Shuttleport
4, City 10,250 cr


The weekly maintenance on a city varies depending on your city's rank, what structures you have placed and what specializations you have in place. You can find a detailed read-out of your city's weekly maintenance on the city terminal in your city hall (not the structure terminal). City maintenance is taken from the city treasury once a week.

Once the city's rank has been validated, the city's weekly maintenance fee is subtracted from the treasury. City Hall maintenance is paid first, then the rest of the structures. If the city can't pay for a structure, it becomes damaged and the mayor is notified of the structure status; the status of a civic structure can be checked from the City Maintenance Terminal. If a civic structure is damaged and reaches 0 condition, it is destroyed. **If City Hall is destroyed, all civic structures and decorations are destroyed and the city is disbanded; a city should take four weeks to decay if no maintenance is paid. If a city can't pay for mission terminals, skill trainers, or decorations they are destroyed and the Mayor is notified.


Elections are held every 3 weeks. Candidates—including the Incumbent Mayor—may only register on the ballot during the first two weeks of each election cycle. All candidates may withdraw from the race at any time. Emails are sent to all citizens when a candidate enters or withdraws from the race. You can see which part of the voting cycle the city is in by examining the Voting Terminal: Voting Weeks 1 and 2, and Election Week.

  • Challenger win: all mayor abilities, civic structures, and decorations are automatically transferred to the new mayor.
  • Challenger loss or election tie: the mayor retains their position.
  • No challenger: the incumbent mayor is automatically reelected.