Weaponsmith Edit

Weapons Edit

All Crafted weapons (with the exception of higher end weapons with slots for power cubes) have the potential to be crafted equally. The primary stats are determined by the weapon core, rather than the weapons themselves.

Weapon Type Weapon Core Used
Swords Sword Core
Polearm Vibro Unit
2-Handed Sword Reinforcement Core
Unarmed Weapons Feather Core
Pistol Projectile Feed
Rifle Blaster Power Handler
Carbine Automatic Blaster Chamber
Heavy Chemical Dispersion Mechanism


Clan weapons (the schematics for which are obtained through Death Watch and Black Sun) also require a Mandalorian Hardening Agent to craft.

Armorsmith Edit

Armor Edit

All crafted armor has the potential to be crafted equally.

Stats for armor (with the exception of durability) are taken from the Armor Core.

There are Assault, Recon, and Battle armor cores, which are interchangeable in any armor type. Unlike in live-CU, this allows you to create recon Composite armor, assault Mabari armor, or battle RIS armor for example.

Tailor Edit

Clothing Edit

Tailor operates the same way as on live for the most part, with the exception of sockets.

rather than assembly determining the number of sockets, it is instead determined by the socket expertise stat. +100 Socket Expertise results in a 100% chance of 4 sockets. this mechanic also applies to Armor and Cybernetics.

Mechanic Edit

Cybernetics Edit

cybernetics are treated as armor, and take all their stats (with the exception of durability) from the armor core used.

Socketed cybernetics take armor attachments, and cybernetic legs give a bonus to terrain negotiation.

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